Basic Floorcovering Training Team ─ a Brief Overview

Mark Farnsworth President of Professional Floorcovering Training

With over 45 years of experience in the floor-covering industry, Mark has vast knowledge in all facets of the trade.

Growing up working in a floor covering retail environment, eventually achieving Vice President status, he started his incredible journey.

Expanding on his knowledge set and advancing in the profession, Mark decided to branch out and successfully manage a multi-state distributor territory with a proven track record of expanding not only sales but the acquisition of additional customers.

During this time, Mark also recognized a need in the flooring industry for an online presence for retail establishments to capitalize on the growing online business, which lead to creating  "One Source Flooring." The first in its kind to market flooring retailers, resources, and knowledge to the internet community.

After a very successful career as a distributor representative, once again, Mark, looking to increase his expertise, decided to advance into a mill representative position. This provided him the opportunity to understand yet another aspect of the floor covering market.

During his professional career, he has been acknowledged for his expertise in trade magazines articles and professional industry publications.

Realizing the breadth of knowledge he had gained, and after consulting with a multi-chain retailer, Mark decided to take his experience and develop it into a training offering for others in the industry.

Mark Farnsworth: +1 (330) 704-6497
[email protected]

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