Pre-Apprentice for Basic Floor Covering Installation and Managing the Customer Service Process Training



What should students know and be able to do by the end of the course?

• How carpet is manufactured, and its relationship to the installation process.
• Introduction and advances in tools and equipment for the installation process.
• Learning how to prepare the floors for the installer, seam layout and layout carpet, cutting
tools, floor prep and strip and pad, and how to handle different backings.
• Understanding different types of flooring materials, padding, underlayment, and how flooring
is constructed.
• Knowing the environmental and sustainability impact of flooring choices.
• Introduction of advanced technical tools, laser measure, moisture meter, hygrometer, seaming
irons and seaming tapes, power stretcher, knee kicker, “porky pine, edge trimmer, pry-bar, hot
glue gun, and more.

Includes one manual and one book and certificate of completion.